Mozambique, Africa

buy prednisone mexico By the Grace of God, our 29 churches – Igreja Comunidade Betania Internacional that spread out to 10 zones in 3 Provinces of Mozambique, Africa has been initiated their first conference on August 1st, 2008 successfully. Currently, we have 3 Pastors that serve 1763 church’s members in this country.

buy Pregabalin cheap God works so amazing in this church. Many people come and looking for God’s presence. They thirst with the Word of God and they touch God’s heart with their desire to find God consistently. In the result many miracles happen in their life. Healing, Restoration, Break through and Freedom. It is not easy for them to come to the church. They need to spend hours just to attend the mass. That is great if they have motorcycle, but it would be difficult to get one. So what they did is walking for few hours to the church.

We believe that God will not stop until this stage.


Let pray for this country to God works amazingly in this country, Mozambique, Africa

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